Do you have a warning light showing on your vehicle?

Welcome to R L Services we have all the different diagnostic tools to find the fault with your vehicle, whatever may be the proplem.

Our machines are able to read any make and model of vehicle, this includes engine management light, ABS/ESP light, SRS airbag light or any other light that comes up indicating a fault.

All diagnostics come with a full print out with your information and the faults stored on your vehicles computer.

Listed below are some of the main warning lights that occur, if you have a light like below showing then we will be happy to assist you and diagnose the problem. If you have a light showing and its not listed below feel free to give us a call or pop down and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

If your engine light is showing you should get it checked A.S.A.P do not avoid as this could result in further damage to your vehicle!