Vehicle Air Conditioning In Pitsea Basildon Essex

Here at R L Services we have invested in the state of the art digital range of Aircon Machines.

Vehicle Air Conditioning In Pitsea, Basildon Essex

Which if asked can even clean your whole heating and cooling system of bacteria which build up inside the vehicles air con system which are now becoming common in all vehicles!

Most vehicles need the A/C recharged every 2 years and the gas is normally totally depleted after 4 years, it loses or uses between 15-25% per year.

The normal aircon service only takes about 40 minutes to fully drain and clean your system and costs around £65, for the new gas R1234YF it is £120

To completely sanitise your vehicles heating and cooling system takes another 20 minutes and costs £30 this completely removes and destroys the bacteria which can cause diseases or a bad smell in your car.

You will know when it needs sanitising as the car will have a very bad damp smell when you use the A/C and this gets worse when not used during winter months